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Autumn has Arrived.

Tracy’s favourite season of the year. The Autumn equinox this year has just passed on the 23rd September. The day when the daylight hours and the night time hours are equal. This season is the time when nature starts to prepare for the cold winter months ahead…

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Magical view of silhouettes of a man sitting on the cliff stargazing the starry night sky

Northumberland Dark Sky 2023

The Hadrian’s Wall Campsite in Northumberland offers a front-row seat to nature’s grandest spectacle during autumn – the breathtakingly beautiful dark skies.

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Group of Friends Drinking Beers Enjoying Music Festival Together

Tynedale Beer Festival

The amazing Tynedale Beer and Cider Festival returns to Corbridge in Northumberland this year and its an easy public transport journey from Hadrian’s Wall Campsite – we will even drop you and pick you up from Haltwhistle train station and give you an extra night camping free!!

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Dalesbred Ewes looking for the shepherd!

Shepherd huts will have been seen in many of the fields around us as the shepherds would use them to take shelter while looking after the sheep and during lambing.

Last week some glamping guests staying in one of our huts at Hadrians Wall Campsite were a little taken aback when they opened the curtains to find a little group of Dalesbred Ewes paying them a visit!!

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