How to be a responsible camper

Tips for Responsible Camping

Camping is the best way for getting out and being amongst nature. We have a beautiful environment here. There’s nothing better than experiencing the tranquillity, listening to birdsong and looking at the stars while sitting at your campfire. Our environment is very special so it’s really worth thinking about how you can be a good camper and play a part in keeping this wonderful place safe

Here are our top 10 tips!

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Use reusable items. – 
It’s often easy to use paper plates and plastic forks but it is so bad for the environment. You can get some great camping crockery and cutlery but if you must use disposable items then choose compostable or recyclable items and make sure you dispose of them properly


Use green cleaners –
We sell eco friendly washing up liquid in the shop and green toilet fluid for your toilet cassette. Try to invest in good environmentally friendly cleaners


Buy better quality and buy once –
If you spend as much as you can afford on a tent, camping chair or other equipment it will last for a lifetime of camping. If it breaks, try to see if you can take it home and have it repaired rather than putting it in the bin


Share a tent purchase –
consider buying a really good quality, British made, canvas tent. You could think of sharing it with a family or friend


Go glamping –
How many times a year will you go camping? – is renting a glamping unit less expensive than buying a tent or campervan – it’s definitely better for the environment.


Plan your menu – 
Avoid that supermarket dash and that food waste by planning your camping menu and shopping for that. Maybe consider making some warm up dishes at home and just warming them up outside the tent?


Shop locally –
Please do consider supporting local businesses – there are great shops locally and we will give you lots of information on how to get to them


Keep warm without your electric heaters –
covering up with your trusty jumper and thermal blankets will keep you warm without heating the atmosphere and damaging the environment


Respect nature –
birds and other wildlife will pick up and eat paper and plastic so please be responsible with litter and food waste. Please be polite, stay on footpaths and follow the countryside code.


Support local pubs, cafés and restaurants – 
If your camping budget allows, please consider the local pubs, cafes and shops. They do offer a great service and only trade in some cases through your support.

A Warm Welcome at Hadrian's Wall Camping

So, if you’re planning a memorable getaway, look no further than Hadrian’s Wall Campsite and dive into the history, embrace the adventure, and create memories that last a lifetime.