The landscape around us, its ecology and biodiversity, is very special and greatly looked after by Northumberland national park. It’s very important to us that we play our part in protecting our wonderful area as well as doing all we can to protect our planet. 

The very interesting thing about our campsite is that it’s actually been recycled/ upcycled in itself – it used to be a site where clay was excavated and clay drainage pipes were made and so its camping terraces and landscaping were actually borne out of a previous life. Guests will always comment on the landscape here. It’s certainly not a recent JCB flattening job to create rows of same pitches. That’s one of our special features! Our site is planted with trees, hedges and plants that are important in providing a habitat for our wonderful wildlife including birds, insects, rabbits, hedgehogs and stoats.

Our approach to the environment is a very real, practical and developing approach to preserving the wonderful place we have here on our camping site at Hadrian’s Wall on the doorstep of Northumberland National Park.

Sedge warbler in reed environment

Campsite fresh water

  1. We know it’s not popular with everyone but customers do unfortunately leave taps running! Many of our taps and showers have timer buttons to prevent water wastage
  2. Most of our hardstanding touring pitches have individual water taps which helps people only use what they need.
  3. Our tap water is drinkable so you can fill your water bottle and avoid the single use plastic
  4. We have taken the decision not to have hot tubs on our campsite due to their high water and chemical usage.

Our campsite waste water

  1. Grey water from the motorhome service point and all of our toilet waste from the facilities building and our shepherd huts is treated on site in a newly installed sewage treatment plant, a significant investment for our campsite in 2022. Any waste water leaving our site is therefore properly treated and has no impact on the watercourse around us.
  2. Motorhome chemical toilet waste is collected separately in a huge underground storage tank to ensure the chemicals don’t damage the work of the sewage treatment system, and is then removed to the local sewage treatment works in Hexham, thus reducing transport miles.
  3. We only sell green toilet treatment in our shop and ask that our customers use this so that we can eventually move towards insisting that this is used and being able to treat all waste on site.

Reducing energy use

  1. Only a very small amount of outdoor artificial lighting is used at Hadrian’s Wall Campsite, preserving the dark sky environment and reducing electricity use
  2. All of our shepherd huts are insulated and use very little electricity to keep them at a cosy temperature, even in autumn and winter. Our shepherd huts are fitted with low energy lighting and smart heaters to ensure they are not being used when not needed
  3. We have taken the decision not to have hot tubs on our campsite due to their high electricity usage
  4. Our facilities building has new lighting which is low energy but also operates on motion sensors so that lights are only on when necessary
  5. Our hot water gas boiler in the facilities building was replaced in January 2022 and is more energy efficient

Our wildlife

  1. A large variety of wildlife is thriving at our campsite including many resident and migratory birds. We also have wild rabbits, hedgehogs and stoats here amongst other great residents. We maintain an environment to support the wildlife and will continue to develop this as much as we can
  2. We have planted and continue to plant several species of flowering shrubs to help the bees and butterflies flourish
  3. We do not use poisons or weedkiller at our campsite and we do all of our weeding of flowerbeds by hand
  4. We only use and sell eco-friendly washing and cleaning products at our campsite and we only sell green chemical toilet treatment
  5. We have taken the decision not to have hot tubs on our site due to the need for high chemical use


Such a difficult subject because given our location, like most campsites the majority of our guests are arriving by car or motorhome. In the next few years, we are preparing ourselves for the inevitable shift toward electric vehicles. Here are some interesting transport points though;

  1. Guests can arrive at our campsite using public transport links from Newcastle and Carlisle
  2. It’s possible to walk to 2 food serving pubs from our campsite
  3. It’s an easy walk to Hadrian’s Wall from our campsite as well as to Vindolanda
  4. The AD122 Hadrian’s Wall bus service stops at the end of our little lane
  5. We have bicycle storage and our motorhome service point is also a place where you can wash your bike

Buying ethically and locally

Northumberland boasts many local producers and we believe it’s essential to support them

  1. If we can buy something locally then we will do so
  2. We sell locally produced biscuits, ice-cream, jams and chutneys and locally roasted coffee
  3. We use and sell products such as eggs, milk and sausages that support local farms, food producers and grocers
  4. We use local contractors for all of our building materials, site improvement and maintenance work
  5. We use local quarries and stone recycling businesses to renew and maintain our campsite surfaces and hardstanding pitches

The Bins

  1. Our waste collecting contractor, North West Recycling is based in Carlisle so has less distance to travel than other national companies and is able to send only one truck per week at busy times
  2. Unlike many other companies, we are able to reduce the number of collections from the site at quieter times without penalty
  3. The company has a huge system on its site in Carlisle which allows separation and recycling of the waste at the depot
  4. Due to North West Recycling’s waste treatment system, only around 3% of our waste is going to landfill. We only need to ask our customers to separate glass. Along with the need to only send one truck per collection, this ensures that there is no confusion regarding recycling which can be different in many different areas and waste is not placed in the incorrect bins
  5. We DO NOT allow disposable BBQs. Apart from burning our grass, they cannot be recycled and each of the million sold in the UK each year ends up in landfill


We continue to investigate ways to reduce our carbon impact. We plan to invest in solar panels in the future and with any new work that we do on the site, we consider the environmental impact carefully. Please help us to be kind to the planet by considering your own environmental approach while you are staying with us