A great campsite for dogs at Hadrian’s Wall by a collie dog

Are you looking for a great dog friendly campsite.
This is my recommendation as a collie.

My name is Elan and I am the rather attractive merle collie at the centre of the picture here. The photograph was taken at my home, Hadrian’s Wall campsite in Northumberland. I’m with my humans, Tracy and Steve and with the other collie dog in our house who is called Tom. Tom has a name you will all be comfortable with whereas my name seems to be really difficult for most humans – it’s not Helen, Erin, Elin, or Ellie – Its Elan – “El” “an” – how difficult can that be. While we are at it, I am the girl and Tom is the boy ok, just because I am bigger doesn’t automatically mean that I am the boy. I have more to say so I’m the girl!

Tom and I are on our third home with Tracy and Steve. They came to our rescue centre 2 years ago to meet us and decided we could make a little family. I lived with Tom at our last home until our owner became very unwell and the humans at the rescue centre said that Tom needed to be with me so I could look after him – between you and me he’s a bit pathetic – hates the car and is scared of his own shadow (and sheep) – I’m not! 😊.

We love living with these humans at Hadrian’s Wall campsite. It’s a great Northumberland campsite and it’s a campervan site, a motorhome site, a caravan site and a tent site, even a glamping site all near Hadrian’s wall. But most of all, it’s the best camping site for dogs.

Elan with ball

We get an early morning walk and then we get breakfast – we get lovely food. Steve says it’s the most expensive dog food in the world. Tracy just rolls her eyes. It tastes like the most expensive dog food in the world. We love it.

Steve and Tracy leave us in the day which we don’t really like. They go off to cook breakfasts and clean toilets but then one of them takes us out again in the afternoon between something called “check ins” – these are people who come and camp in our garden in tents, campervans and motorhomes. It gets worse because sometimes they bring a dog with them – I don’t like dogs! Steve and Tracy love seeing dogs on the campsite but I get a bit angry when I see another dog. I try to stop but I can’t help it and Steve and Tracy have to put me on the lead which they always do very quickly

I think Hadrian’s Wall campsite is the best dog friendly campsite ever and you even get a dog treat when you arrive. My humans even allow dogs into the new shepherd huts which are lovely. It’s called glamping apparently. It’s definitely how I would want to camp near Hadrian’s wall. There’s a woodburning stove that you can lie in front of. Now that’s dog friendly glamping

My humans will tell you all about dog walks straight from the campsite (if you find a red ball it’s mine). We do that walk most days and we love it. Sometimes we are on the lead but most of the time we can do lots of running and chase rabbits. We sometimes walk to Haltwhistle along the river and if we’re feeling energetic, we walk back but if the humans are tired we can get the AD122 bus back

There are lovely places to walk that are a short drive away. Tom’s favourite walk is the circular river walk at Allenbanks and Staward Gorge but he does have to go in the car which he complains about. Sometimes we see deer at Allenbanks and my humans make a fuss about the birds called kingfisher and heron.

Featherston river and Elan

My best walk is to Haltwhistle butchers (joke), no, it’s to Lambley viaduct along the North Tyne trail.

It’s a circular walk that takes about an hour and a half and I can take a swim in the river (Tom is afraid of the water). You pass a castle and a World War 2 prisoner of war camp and the viaduct itself is very impressive.

My human goes on about someone called Dr Beeching and the closing of the railway to Alston (it’s boring).

My human parks near the Wallace arms pub which (apparently) is a proper pub without food that has amazing real ale but doesn’t open until 5pm. The barman is called Geoff and he seems to know my human and we always seem to finish our walk about 5pm.

Sometimes my human walks us over the footpath from the amazing Hadrian’s wall campsite to the Milecastle Inn where (apparently) the Prince Bishop Ale is also amazing. Tom and I can’t go inside the Milecastle because its way too small apparently but we do get a bowl of water outside and a big fuss from the lady there called Charlotte – she is lovely! The owners are called Scott and Mandy and funnily enough they know my humans also!

It’s great that our campsite is so near to Sycamore gap which is where there is a famous tree. It’s called the Robin Hood tree because it was in the film. We can easily walk along Hadrians wall path to sycamore gap and because it’s so near, we can call into my favourite pub The Twice Brewed Inn on the way back.

Sometimes when we’re there I get a bit of pie or a bit of burger under the table (apparently, I may have a Labrador parentage).

The Twice Brewed Inn has a brewery which is very good.

Wallace arms

Another good pub is the Black Bull at Haltwhistle which is very traditional and has a lovely open fire and a warm welcome – the landlord there is called Martin and (don’t!) – the humans say that they need to visit the pubs to make sure that they are good enough for the customers – they say they are great.

So, Tom and I have really landed on our paws we think. What more can you ask for. A beautiful campsite in Northumberland right near the Northumberland national park and an easy walk to the Hadrian’s wall footpath. It’s a great dog friendly campsite with camping for tents, caravans, motorhomes and campervans and even dog friendly glamping. Sycamore gap is really near and you can walk to The Milecastle Inn and the Twice Brewed Inn really easily.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my blog. To be honest it’s been quite a step up for me from my usual vocabulary – walk, dinner, ball, Tom, Steve, Tracy, car, who wants a wee, down, stop it, “Elan”! and my favourite – Rabbit 😊

Here is a nice shot of Tom on the fell path opposite the campsite

Hope to see you soon xx