We bought our lovely campsite last November nearly one year after the first time we saw it. We fell in love with it then even though it was the middle of winter, raining and miserable.

The setting in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by rolling fields and a short walk from Hadrian’s wall, is glorious. The views from the campsite are breath taking and at certain points of the site you can see the majestic wall in the distance.

The lovely thing about the site is that it’s not just one big field or strip of land but it rises gently up the bank, split into small, cosy pitches with wonderful views wherever you are.

It is a great campsite but we still felt we had lots to do to spruce it up and put our own stamp on it. So, while we’ve been very sad that we can’t welcome anyone here, we’ve made excellent use of the time we’ve been closed

You’re already experiencing a big new addition and change while you’re reading this as our website and logo are new. We think our logo represents everything about the campsite that’s important to us – obviously our proximity to the wall, the landscape and the dark skies. We love it and think it’s bright, cheery and welcoming. Our website tells you everything about our campsite and about us and our designer has done such a great job I’m sure it will make you want to join us here. It also gives you information on how to hire our lovely motorhome. We’ve had some wonderful experiences with her and we’re sure you’ll love her too.

Here’s what you’ll see when you do visit us

In our facilities building we have new shower cubicles and painted doors to brighten the area up. Our sage shower panels keep the feel of nature and as green gives a feeling of relaxation we thought they were ideal. Tracy’s favourite Farrow and Ball colours have made an appearance (as usual) and stony ground seemed to be a good match to use on the doors

To keep the theme, we used the same colour on the windows outside the building and with the newly painted external walls we think it’s transformed the building. But this did make the wash up area look tired so to spruce them up, Steve put his carpenter hat on, made some new panels, Farrow and Ball paint and sage splash backs and now they look like new

Steve loves to build and fix a fence. There are new fences and fences that have been straightened and with their new coat of creosote they’re looking splendid. Steve is pleased.

We love our little shop/café. We know we won’t be able to make much use of it this season as we need to keep to the social distancing rules but we’re going to get the shelves filled with the essentials for you to take away and we’re really pleased with our new coffee machine. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy a take away cappuccino or flat white while you’re here along with one of Tracy’s home-made cakes perhaps.

If you are carrying your tent on your back and walking the wall every day you will be able to enjoy our refurbished backpackers cookhouse – somewhere to shelter if it’s a little wet and to cook your supper under cover!

Steve’s carpentry skills have been invaluable and he’s been busy building some glorious wooden planters for our bedding plants. Hopefully when you arrive, you’ll be treated to a beautiful feast of colour as they grow and bloom

The sun and occasional rain have been ideal for the weeds unfortunately but Tracy has spent days upside down pulling them all out. That’s not been great for the back! We can’t use a weed killer because of our gorgeous hens and ducks and we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We’ve also been sowing fertiliser and new grass seed to help the grass stay green and healthy. Oh, and we’ve put some extra hardstanding pitches in too as well as some extra car parking spaces

If you’ve been before we hope you’ll approve of the work we’ve done and if you’ve not been before we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do

We’ll carry on working to make sure we keep it all looking lovely and we can’t wait to see you