Some quacking duck facts

I never believed that owning and looking after ducks could be so difficult, emotional and joyous. As with our hens, we inherited our 5 lovely ducks when we moved here in November. They are very sweet – beautifully described by one customer as having funky hairdos! We knew nothing about ducks and have never seen any like these before so thought we should be responsible parents and find out a little about them. So, first fact – what breed are they?

They are crested ducks and the crest comes from a deformity where fatty tissue grows through a gap in the skull and feathers grow from it. They are basically a genetic error – poor things! You can get crests of all shapes and sizes.

Our 5 certainly had a range. We had a very tidy well-groomed hairdo (we called her Beryl after Steve’s mum who’s hair was always immaculate), one with no crest (the ducks can have the gene but not have the crest). This one we called Jayne – plain Jayne. Then we had Bouffs! She quickly became my favourite. She was named because of her very mad, bouffant hairdo which spread across the top of her head and down the sides in an unruly manner.

During lockdown we have had time to get to know our little flock (fact number 2 the collective noun for ducks is more complicated than you think and can depend on what they’re doing – paddling of ducks, raft of ducks or badling of ducks are a few options) and tried to learn a few more facts.